February’s Flavor of the Month!

February is a month filled with passion, romance, love, and CHOCOLATE!

What cake can possibly sum all of that up?

The Devil’s Delight!

The Devil's Delight

Two layers of moist Devil’s Food cake, filled with a cool and creamy chocolate mousse, and topped with a spicy ancho chile chocolate frosting.

Yep, that about sums up the month of February!

Keep your eye out because Cakes by B will be offering lots of beautiful and delicious treats for Valentine’s Day.


Cakes by B does it again!













This cake was for a special lady

to celebrate her 40th birthday!

Let Cakes by B help make

your next birthday special too.


Remember … Valentine’s Day is coming soon!  Why not get some sweets for your sweetie?

What kind of sweets you ask…

How about either a specially decorated cake for the two of you to share, or some decadent cake truffles.

Giving one of these, or even both, promises to make your Valentine’s Day sweet!

A Unique Request

What do you do when you have one man that enjoys golfing and one man that enjoys racing, and both are celebrating their birthdays at the same party?




You get them a cake they can both enjoy!

Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Why not plan ahead and order a sweet for your sweetie today!  You can get a small cake for just the two of you, or a larger cake for the whole family to enjoy!

Shiver Me Timbers!

pink-pirate-1                                  pink-pirate-2  









As I walked into a room filled with bouncing seven year old girls I was a shakin in my boots!  Would the captain and her crew be pleased or would I be swabbing the deck? When I opened the box there was a collective “OOOOOO” and I knew I was saved!  Cakes by B does it again!

Stay tuned to see what adventures lie ahead this week!  Anyone getting ready for the BIG GAME on February 1st?  How about some tasty footballs with your favorite team’s logo to add to that Superbowl buffet

Remember, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and there are lots of sweet offers coming.