A birthday cake for a Harry Potter fan!

I recently received a request for a special birthday cake from a young man that was traveling all the way from Pennsylvania for his girlfriend’s birthday, here in Greensboro!  It was a Red Velvet cake with Vanilla Buttercream icing, and here it is!

The cake was a big hit with the birthday girl and everyone at the party.  Here is what he had to say the next day…

“Thanks for the cake!!! It turned out to be a huge hit, everyone was very impressed with the craftsmanship and the excellent taste :). You are my go-to cake maker!!! 5 stars service!”

Thanks Justin!

No matter your age, having a birthday cake based on your favorite book, movie, or character is always fun!

What would be your favorite to have on your next birthday cake?


A cast of characters!

There has been a cast of characters coming through here recently!

First to come through were the all popular Angry Birds!

Next to show up was Sonic the Hedgehog!

To finish off this parade Daredevil came blazing through!

We have seen lots of other characters come through too.  Who is your favorite?  

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? …


And if Sponge Bob is not your guy, how about the brothers from Super Mario Brothers?




Or, are you into someone that is a little more tough, like The Hulk, Batman, or Wolverine?

Whatever it is you are looking for, Cakes by B is your superhero for cakes!