Yo ho ho!

Ahoy me Hearties!

Cakes by B is all about pirates this week!

I made a fun birthday cake for a special little boy who loves Jake & the Neverland Pirates.

Jake & Pirates

So much fun and he loved it!

Pirate parties arrrrrrr fun and can be for anyone, of any age!  Whether they want actual pirates, a treasure chest full of beautiful jewels, or their favorite team’s mascot is a pirate, Cakes by B can make it!


A Princess Pirate birthday party!

And how does that work exactly, you may ask…like this!

This party highlighted the jewels, but you could always go with the more “piratey” skull and crossbones.

What ever your theme is Cakes by B can make the perfect cake for you!

Shiver Me Timbers!

pink-pirate-1                                  pink-pirate-2  









As I walked into a room filled with bouncing seven year old girls I was a shakin in my boots!  Would the captain and her crew be pleased or would I be swabbing the deck? When I opened the box there was a collective “OOOOOO” and I knew I was saved!  Cakes by B does it again!

Stay tuned to see what adventures lie ahead this week!  Anyone getting ready for the BIG GAME on February 1st?  How about some tasty footballs with your favorite team’s logo to add to that Superbowl buffet

Remember, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and there are lots of sweet offers coming.

A baby rattle with an unexpected reaction!

The cake was a big hit.  Although the mom-to-be loved it when she saw it, she could not enjoy tasting it because SHE WENT INTO LABOR!  So as she headed off to the hospital everyone at the shower enjoyed it for her!

Now that the baby festivities are over it is time to move onto pirates.  That’s right, a little girl is turning 7 this week and is having a pirate birthday party.  

Hopefully the cake is to her liking, or I may have to walk the plank!