Happy 2nd Birthday Kyle!

I just finished a birthday cake for my most important client…my son.

Today is his 2nd birthday!

His 1st birthday cake was fun to do, but I REALLY like how this one turned out!

The cake design was inspired by his love for “pish” (fish), “octpus” (octopus), “eeeeeeeels” (eels), and “sharks”.

He is napping now and should be surprised to find this waiting for him.  Hopefully it won’t be completely dismantled before dinner!

Happy Birthday Kyle!


A pool party!

Beat the heat this summer with a fun pool party!  And Cakes by B can create the perfect cake for you.

Rather be at the beach than the pool?  We have cakes for that too!

Summer will be over before you know it.  Let Cakes by B make your party great!