About B


Bridgid Murphy makes cakes. 

After graduating from Virginia Tech and moving to North Carolina, Bridgid Murphy spent years in the restaurant business.  Using the knowledge and experience she had from managing restaurants and consulting restaurant owners on how to maximize their business she decided it was time to do it for herself.  Her talent and love for baking was the perfect venue for starting her own company.   She is now the owner and operator of Cakes by B.

A message by B:

I have always enjoyed spending hours in the kitchen baking yummy looking and tasting treats.  For years it has been a great source of relaxation.  It wasn’t until I made a cake for a friend’s baby shower, and then for another friend’s wedding, that I started noticing the comments people were making. “What bakery did you get that from?”  “Wow!  This cake is so moist!”   It was then that I realized that what has been a hobby could blossom into a career. So now I do what I love and get the satisfaction of seeing how happy my creations make people.  It can’t get any better than that!