My baby sister is married!

It was an extended weekend full of family, friends, laughter, and tears (the good kind)!

We all came together to celebrate the marriage of my sister, Molly Buckley, and her groom John Stillman (my new brother-in-law!).  They were married at New Hope Church, in Durham, NC.  There ceremony was an amazing combination of theater, family, and religion.  A perfect fit for both of them, and unforgettable for the rest of us!  My 19 month old son even managed to walk down the aisle, cleaning up the flower girl’s rose petals along the way.

After the vows were said and pictures were taken we continued the celebration at The Big Barn in Hillsborough, NC.  The reception was a beautiful country theme that was completely designed and produced by Molly.  She did such an amazing job that it was quite a task to make a wedding cake, and surprise groom’s cake, that lived up to it’s surroundings.










Fortunately, although they were perplexed on how to cut it, they were happy with the outcome!

I even got kudos from their incredible photographer, Katelyn James!

It was a weekend  I will never forget and feel so honored to be given the privelage to make their wedding cake!

Thanks Molly & John, I love you both very much!


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